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So Co Spay & Neuter

SoCO Spay & Neuter

The Southern Colorado Spay and Neuter Association was opened in April of 1997 as a hopeful solution to the pet over-population problem. Operating out of a little veterinary clinic on the southside of Pueblo, CO, SoCO Spay and Neuter Clinic is a wonderful place for pet owners to play a key role in the health of their beloved pets!

Since opening our doors, we have sterilized over 80,000 pets in southern Colorado! From that starting point,  we have made the best of opportunities to grow our little spay and neuter clinic into one of the best places for pets in all of Pueblo! 

We quickly realized the need for our rescue team and established ourselves as a no kill shelter. We promise any rescue that lands in our clinic that their needs will be taken care of until we find them a forever home! If there is a case of a hard-to-adopt pet, they can utilize our facility as sanctuary for as long as they need us. 

Our rescues are fixed, caught up on shots: dogs are microchipped and heartworm tested, and cats are feline leukemia/AIDS/ heartworm tested. If dogs are positive, they are treated. If cats are positive for AIDS or leukemia, they utilize our facility as sanctuary- if they need long term care, that is provided by our veterinary team.

In 2018 two new programs were developed and put into place at SoCO:  The SoCO Bottle Feeding program is the only program in the city to offer care for neonatal kittens. We were very excited to have been awarded a grant for $5000.00 for our bottle feeding program, giving us the jump-start we needed in providing all the food, blankets, medicine we would need to train fosters to care for these fragile members of our society. We only anticipated caring for 70 neonates, but so far we have taken in over 100 kittens due to the acknowledgement of the program in the city and all of southern Colorado!

The other program is our SoCO Paw Responders Team, a lost and stray dog recovery team. We have been asked to help with over 30 rescues since our team came together and we have been given nearly $4,000.00 in donations to help us purchase the necessary tools for helping us catch and safely recover any lost or stray dog. Our team has received such notoriety that we are getting calls for help from all over Colorado, and we have had to expand to rescuing not only dogs, but cats as well! 


Non-Profit Organization

So Co Spay & Neuter

We're a non-profit organization!

As a non-profit organization, our clinic can offer spays and neuters for a much lower price than what a full-service veterinary clinic can. This service helps families who could not otherwise afford to have their animal sterilized.

Our facility is not funded by the government- we earn our money through the veterinary services we provide. Donations and grant writing are also supplements to keep our facility running!