Food Pantry/Feeding the Pets of the Homeless

Another program we are proud of is our affiliation with the organization Feeding the Pets of the Homeless. Each month we collect food and bag it into quart sized ziplock baggies. These baggies are then distributed to 9 agencies around southern Colorado that assist the homeless or indigent. We have received numerous certificates from Feeding the Pets of the Homeless due to our collecting, reporting, and distributing more food than any other organization in the US!

We understand and agree with the philosophy of Feeding the Pets if the Homeless: that most people will do without to feed their pets.

With that being said,our food pantry is open to the public. If we have extra, we give it to those in need. 

Donations are always needed to help us with this public outreach program! If you would like to assist us in our mission to help no pet go hungry in Pueblo, we would love to set up a time for you to fill ziplock baggies!