SoCO Bottle Feeding Program

Created in the fall of 2017 and implemented in the spring of 2018, the SoCO Bottle Feeding Program is saving the lives of neonatal kittens every day! Our program was originally created when our city's shelter voiced that they needed such a program. Our Executive Director decided this was something she could definitely help with, and she created this training program so animal welfare organizations can properly teach foster families how to care for these delicate members of our society. After the city's shelter declined the use of the program, we chose to implement it at SoCO. Within a couple of months, our Bottle Feeding Program had received such notoriety that a local funding organization, The Pueblo Humane Society, invited our Executive Director to apply for a grant. The SoCO Bottle Feeding Program was awarded $5,000.00 to purchase all necessary supplies that are needed to give to foster families, putting no one out of pocket! The city's shelter transfers neonatal kittens weekly to SoCO, as well as the ones that are brought directly to SoCO by the public.  We have a dedicated team of trained and experienced foster families, and next year we plan on offering bottle feeding certification to anyone else who is interested in helping our fight to save every orphaned kitten in Pueblo! If you are interested in being a foster parent to a litter of orphaned kittens, please contact our team at 719-250-0262. You can download a booklet from The Kitten Lady (we include this booklet as part of our training packet) to get a head start on training!