Q. Will my animal receive quality care while at your facility?

Our employees are chosen through a complicated process. They must have the training and a passion for what they do, but they must also show a great love for animals. Each animal that walks through our front door will be treated as if it is our own. Pre-surgically your animal will be administered a pre-anesthetic. This injection will calm your animal while it waits for its turn for surgery. He/she will be placed in a secure cage or kennel that is kept at a constant 72 degrees. There is also quiet classical music playing in the kennels. When it is time to anesthetize your animal, the last words it will hear before it falls asleep is,"You're such a good dog (or kitty)". Upon waking from his/her surgery, your animal (if small) will be wrapped in a warm blanket and monitored until it is fully awake. If it is a larger animal, it will be placed on a warm blanket and montiored until it is fully awake. After Dr. Aldrich performes each surgery, she walks through and checks on each animal. At the end of her shift, she takes another walk through and checks each animal again. Between Dr. Aldrich and the three surgical assistants, your animal will be monitored consistantly throughout its stay with us.